Our Story

In 2020, Scottie designed and created a full grain leather tote for his wife as a surprise Christmas gift.  Joni loved the beautiful tote.  She did not know that Scottie had a new hobby, but it wasn't a complete shock since he was always trying something new and loved creating things.  Joni knew that her husband was a crafty person who had other hobbies, such as wood work, drawing, and photography.  He had just added one more hobby to the list!

Over the last two years, Scottie began perfecting his leatherwork craft and creating more beautiful products that gained the attention of others.  Arden Rose Tote initially focused on women's large totes.  However, as Scottie's love for the craft of leatherwork and the ability to create quality products grew, so did his curiosity and creativity.  Scottie started creating leather products such as wallets, notebooks, satchel, and duffle bag just for himself.  Others liked his creations so he decided to extend the same quality full grain leather products for men.  While it was just an idea at first, this idea gave birth to the collection known as Lingston Leather Goods.