What is the difference between genuine leather and full grain leather?

Is genuine leather the highest quality leather? Are all leathers created equal? What should I know about the different types of leather?

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Who is Arden Rose?

Arden Rose is our one and only little girl that we prayed for God to bless us with. Arden's mother chose the name "Arden" because it sounded strong. Also, Arden's father had already named her brothers so it was time to share the name-picking responsibility. Arden's middle name was taken after her late great Aunt Rosa Jones who was known to Arden as "Nunna Nu".  Arden is independent, tough, smart, considerate, creative, and funny. She enjoys playing with her two older brothers, playdoh, and her Barbie dolls. Arden is very fashionable and enjoys dressing up. Sometimes she changes outfits 3 times per...

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